13th President’s Cup: a wide-open race

By UA&P Alumni

Mid-way into this year’s President’s Cup, all competing teams from both divisions still have legit chances of making it to the playoffs. Never has a season been as balanced as the current one. There are no clear favorites or glaring underdogs.

In Division I, with Season 12 champion Fusion not opting to defend their crown, five teams are vying for the perpetual trophy. There is a three-way tie for the top spot at 2-1 among the All Stars, Valle Sixers, and Team UYYY.

Veterans MJ Bayang, Vince Chualao, and Paolo Inigo led the charge for the battle-scarred All Stars. The Sixers, on ther other hand, boast what is arguably the best 1-2 combo in the entire 13th season, with the presence of former MVP Miguel Vazquez and do-it-all guard Karl Santos. Team UYYY is the strongest team on paper, but whether their individual potential can translate into the ultimate team success at the end remains to be seen. Bannered by top players Quito Limbo, Mac Valdez, Tim Uy and Xer Villanueva, the only seeming issue is chemistry. Well, with half of a tournament to go, they have enough time to make the necessary adjustments.

Going over to Division 2 action, Hoops is trying to become just the second team in Division 2 history to win back-to-back championships. Freshmen United pulled off the feat in 2008-2009, also led by main Dragon Mac Valdez, buy viagra who is likewise chasing a rare personal achievement of topping both divisions in a single season.

However, Hoops’ path to glory is blocked by worthy contenders out to spoil their parade. This early, Mode, Mean Machine, and the vastly improved Salmon have likewise been making strong cases to unseat the champs. With a full month to go, expect the games to be more exciting, as the players give it their all for a shot at PresCup glory.