The UA&P alumni are those who have received at least one degree from the University of Asia and the Pacific or the Center for Research and Communication. As of June 2016, there are 8,000 UA&P alumni.

The alumni have a very special role in their University. They’re the only ones who are permanently a part of UA&P, since students and employees dissolve their formal association with the University upon departure. The alumni, on the other hand, are forever the children of their alma mater. Neither the alumnus nor UA&P can deny this relationship.

Consequently, the alumni really are mature older brothers and sisters to the rest of the UA&P community. They have an indispensable role in teaching others about the spirit of UA&P by being a living example of it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they need to work in the University so as to be visible to the current students. Some will, but most won’t. The best service that the alumni can do is to live UNITAS in an exemplary way—being hardworking, being of service to others, doing everything for love of God—amidst their personal environment, thereby setting a visible goal for others to aspire for. All this is succinctly expressed in the Alumni Oath, which is recited during the UA&P Commencement Exercises.

Office of Alumni Affairs

The Office of Alumni Affairs (OAA) is the central link between the alumni and UA&P. While many other services for alumni are performed by other academic and administrative units in UA&P, OAA coordinates them in order for them to truly serve the needs of the alumni.

The University, through the Office of Alumni Affairs, renews and maintains ties with its alumni, offering them continuing professional and personal development programs and activities that will help them positively influence Philippine society and culture. The Unit, through the UA&P Dragons Alumni Association, Inc. also facilitates alumni networking/linkages with the University and with fellow alumni. It also engages the alumni to be actively involved in institution building and development activities of the University through sharing of expertise, sparking alumni initiatives, and fundraising for League of Red Dragons Academic and Athletic Scholarship Fund.