Cabrera, Tobias welcomes Freshmen in 2015 Incorporation Rites

By UA&P Alumni

Last Friday at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium, the University formally inducted more than 500 freshmen in the 19th Incorporation Rites. In the said institutional event, the students are imposed with the beca (a sash worn over the torso) that signifies their affiliation to a particular School/College in the University. In the case of freshmen, a white beca is given which entails their entering the ‘gate’ of the College of Arts and Sciences by which they will experience UA&P’s very own Liberal Arts Program.

Edmond Tobias

On two different periods, UA&P alumni Edmond Tobias (ABHBA, Batch 1998) and Ramon Cabrera (MAPE-IRD, Batch 2012) welcomed the freshmen with their empowering speeches that clearly exhibited the marks of a true dragon. Below is Ramon Cabrera’s speech featuring his motto during his CAS years: Ad Astra per Aspera — To the Stars! Through all the difficulties!