Cia Hermosa-Jorge conquers film industry with Old Skool

By UA&P Alumni

From a Singapore-based market research career, Cia Hermosa-Jorge (MAC-IMC, Batch 2004) switched to being an independent filmmaker and producer. Years 2010-2011 when she studied directing motion pictures under the guidance of the late Marilou Diaz-Abaya.

Her debut full-length film Old Skool will conquer Philippine cinemas starting November 4. Old Skool is “a heartwarming story about Lola Fely who goes back to school despite her age and attempts to survive the ruthless and cutthroat world of pre-teen campus life in her attempt to fulfil her dream of finishing grade 6, finding her true worth in the process.”

The trailer may be viewed below:

Download a list of SM Cinema Branches where you can watch Old Skool with your family and friends! For more information, follow Old Skool’s Facebook Page and Instagram Account.