Continuing Education

Advanced Management Program

The Southeast Asia Business Studies (SEABS) of the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) is envisioned to be a leading business school for understanding and mastering Southeast Asian business issues and opportunities. It will leverage the global experience of IESE Business School in case-based executive education and CRC’s track record in business-economics research.

Master of Science in Management (Evening Program)

The Master of Science in Management is the flagship graduate program of the School of Management (SMN). It is a unique two-year graduate course that equips its students with the knowledge, skills, and determination to transform the challenges of the 21st century into business opportunities and socially responsible enterprises. It arms them with strong analytical skills, communication skills, ethical sensitivity, and soft skills, making them dynamic and flexible in meeting the ever-changing demands of the business environment.

Continuing Management Education

Also under UA&P SEABS, Continuing Management Education provides seminars for public run and off-campus exclusive to companies. As of today, it has 138 highly successful training courses, more than 2500 seminars conducted in over 600 organizations from all over the Philippines. Some of the courses offered include: Effective Business Writing, Project Management, Accounting for Non-Accountants, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, etc.

Strategic Business Economics Program

Under the School of Economics (SEC), the Strategic Business Economics Program (SBEP) is the University’s flagship program exclusively for top management executives. After eleven months into the program, the participants gain a Certificate in Business Economics (CBE). If the participant successfully defends a strategic plan for his or her company as a thesis, he or she obtains a Master in Business Economics (MBE).

Applied Business Economics Program

The Applied Business Economics Program (ABEP) aims to provide the participants with an awareness of and sensitivity to the issues and problems confronting the nation, and with opportunities to apply economic research techniques and develop analytical and problem solving skills, especially those necessary to understand and evaluate the economic environment.

Educational Leadership

Built upon UA&P School of Education and Human Development’s (SED) strength and record in values education, the Master of Arts in Education Major in Educational Leadership program equips students with the knowledge and skills that would enable them to guide their respective schools and institutions on how to integrate values in their field, and at the same time to promote a culture that is congruent to these values.

Child Development and Education

The CDE Program for practitioners seeks to form early childhood educators and specialists (preschool and primary school teachers and administrators, child development consultants, and researchers) who can effectively blend theory and practice in creating positive learning opportunities and experiences for young children to promote their total development.

Education Courses

Organization and Management of Early Childhood Programs, School-Based Management, Lifespan Development Psychology / Child and Adolescent Development, Work and Society, and Psychology of Teaching and Learning are the courses offered by the School of Education and Human Development during the school year and accepts attendees on a non-credit or audit basis for the continuing education of practitioners and school administrators.