Forbes looks at CRC, from think tank to UA&P

By UA&P Alumni

The Center for Research and Communication’s (CRC) transformation into the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) was cited in a recent column for Forbes by Dr. Alejandro Chafuen who examines the growing trend of think tanks going on to become universities.

He writes:

“During the second half of the last century several efforts that started as think tanks developed into well respected universities. The Centre for Research and Communication in Manila, Philippines, founded by two Harvard graduates in 1967 gave birth to the University of Asia and the Pacific, which received its official status in 1995… Taking advantage of the extended college community, they continue to produce research and educational products.

The new global scene and the new technologies are changing the optimum size of educational institutions… The evolving scene in higher education and the growth of think tanks will lead to new educational offerings that will have a major impact on the quality and quantity of policy studies and public policy education.”

Dr. Chafuen is the President of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

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