Ginger Arboleda: a modern mom in the modern world

By UA&P Alumni

In a special feature on the Manila Times, UA&P IMC alumna (Batch 2003) Ginger Arboleda shares her journey from being a corporate woman to finding her passion as a mompreneur, a full-time mother and an entrepreneur.

Early 2013 when Ginger gave birth to her first child Zeeka and to her life-fulfilling business venture: Manila Workshops. “The online company has held over 200 workshops with categories including Arts and Crafts, Career and Work, Entrepreneurship, Family and Parenting, Fashion and Design, Finance and Investments, Free Pro, Personal Development, and Work-At-Home and Freelancing.” Just as it is headed by a mom, it is also run by a group of fellow work-at-home moms.

When asked how she can strike a balance between her motherhood and entrepreneurship, Ginger gives her expert advice:

It is a daily struggle. There is no perfect way of managing your time but it helps to use tools like Google Calendar. Even dates with my husband and family go in there. But at the end of the day, you have to know your priorities still. If my daughter gets sick, I’ll move certain schedules just to bring her to the doctor. Always be mindful if you are giving enough time for your family, without forgetting the dreams you wish to achieve for yourself.

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