IT student admitted in game development school in the US

By UA&P Alumni

Developing computer games will always be a far-off dream for many young adults, but IT student Hazie Paraan, who has been accepted into the MakeGamesWithUs Summer Academy, realizing this dream is within an arm’s reach.

Last December, Hazel Paraan, or Hazie, submitted her application for a summer course on game development. By January 2014, out of 1000 applicants she became one of 200 who were accepted by MakeGamesWithUs under its program.

MakeGamesWithUs is an iOS game publisher that offers online and offline game development courses. With offices in San Francisco, New York and Palo Alto, it has created games that are not only entertaining but informative as well.

Computer games have always been believed to waste time, dumb down children, not to mention expose children to violence, causing parents to discourage their children from playing. Hazie thinks otherwise. Growing up with a dad and two uncles who were passionate gamers, Hazie has come to believe that computer games can sharpen minds, improve hand-eye coordination, and make the brain adept in abstract and high-level thinking, problem-solving, and logic.

Hazie, an IT student from the School of Sciences and Engineering, has had extensive experience in graphic design through her stint as Dulaang ROC’s Associate for New Media, UA&P Sciences Engineering Society’s VP for Creatives, Media Management Committee’s Co-Head for Graphics Design, and various design projects for the Center of Student Affairs.

Together with this exposure, her growing interest in programming is a stepping stone into being one of the best game developers in the country.

Given that Asia has the biggest gaming industry in the world, Hazie saw this as an opportunity and a great way to foster learning through experience. Despite minor setbacks, she is ready to make the Philippines a household name in the gaming industry.

Hazie created a Facebook page that traces her ongoing adventure as the next big name in the world of iOS game development. You can view it here.