Center for Student Affairs, Kultura Desk

Center for Student Affairs

From orientation to graduation, the Center for Student Affairs (CSA) recognizes that there are valuable venues for learning outside the walls of the classroom.

Aside from the day-to-day services CSA provides, there is also a diverse selection of activities, development programs and volunteer projects in store for students who aim to optimize their college experience. These combine to address the various needs of students and provide an atmosphere conducive to personal learning and growth.

In the same spirit, CSA also advocates responsible participation in student-initiated projects and organizations.CSA is composed of five desks that encompass every aspect of student life beyond academics – Student Services, Mentoring and Guidance, Kultura, Civics, and Sports Development.

Past Seminars and Conferences

Youth Mentoring Seminar Series 2016
The 17th UA&P Job Fair
The 2nd National Conference on Youth Mentoring

Kultura Desk

The Kultura Desk of UA&P’s Center for Student Affairs (CSA) aims to be both a home for the community’s creative talents as well as a coordinating body for cultural and artistic events within the University.

Every year, with the cooperation of student volunteers, it produces a varied arts season for the benefit of the University community. Kultura also provides guidance to student organizations that focus on the arts, and oversees the activities of the UA&P Chorale, the University’s resident choral ensemble.

Through its projects and events, Kultura aims to expose students to creative ways of spending their leisure time, promote values through the arts, promote the significant role that practice in and exposure to the arts can play in one’s holistic formation, and provide venues for the development and display of artistic talent in the University community.

Past Kultura Plays and Concerts

Dulaang ROC’s Codename: Xander Returns
Vespertine Oratorio: Sacred Music and Prayer
#RebuildBohol Fundraising Concert featuring Loboc Children’s Choir

Perk Details

10% to 20% Discount on Center for Student Affairs (CSA) Kultura Events (e.g. Plays, Concerts),
CSA-Organized Seminars and Conferences (e.g. Youth Mentoring Series)

Contact Information

Student Development Department, Center for Student Affairs
4/F Parking and Sports Building
+632 637 0912 loc 380

  • Date: August 31, 2016