President’s Cup

Founded by Coach Tyrone Limon (ABHGHUM ’98), the President’s Cup is a basketball tournament for students and alumni. Coach Tye as the students and alumni would call him has been organizing the PresCup for the past 5 years and was also the former assistant coach of the Men’s Basketball Varsity Team. He was granted with the 1st UNITAS Alumni Initiative Award. Check out our documentation and relive the past President’s Cup Seasons!

13th President’s Cup: a wide-open race

“Mid-way into this year’s President’s Cup, all competing teams from both divisions still have legit chances of making it to the playoffs. Never has a season been as balanced as the current one. There are no clear favorites or glaring underdogs…” Read More

Teams all set for President’s Cup Finals

“After going through the grueling preliminary and semifinal games, Division 1’s Team UYYY and Valle Sixers finally collide in their title bid on March 16 at the MPC. For the first time in recent Prescup history, the championship will be disputed by relatively-younger alumni. Game time is set at 5:50 PM…” Read More

Villanueva carries Project X to students’ finals

“Integrated Marketing Communications sophomore Xer Villanueva set a new President’s Cup scoring record of 63 points, as Project X survived a torrid shootout with erstwhile defending champion Hoops…” Read More

Message of Dr. Jose Maria Mariano to the PresCup Community

“Dear PresCup Community: Congratulations to the winners of Divisions 1 and 2 of this 14th season of the President’s Cup Basketball Tournament. My thanks to all of you and to the organizers who have not only kept this tournament alive, but thriving for 15 years, in honor of the post I have occupied for the last 15 years…” Read More