Rosc Teotico competes in PBA Women’s Commissioner’s Cup

By UA&P Alumni

Playing basketball for 14 years and counting is a clear sign of passion towards the sport. From being a Grade 7 varsity player and to becoming UA&P Women’s Basketball Team Captain now Team Coach, Ma. Roscelle Fabie Teotico (popularly known as Rosc) has recently achieved her dream come true: to play in the prestigious Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Read the article below by Andre Raneses of The Bosun (UA&P’s Official Student Publication) as he interviewed Rosc in her current milestone.

PBA Tag Heuer Women’s 3X3 Commissioner’s Cup
Interview With Ms. Rosc

The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) launched its TAG Heuer Women’s 3×3 Commissioner’s Cup on October last year. With the conclusion of its first conference, open tryouts commenced for its second batch of players. Competing in the cup is an alumni of UA&P, Ms. Ma. Roscelle “Rosc” F. Teotico. With the second conference opening last Feb. 19, and her first game on the 24th, the Bosun had a chance to have an interview with Ms. Rosc to get her thoughts on what has led her to this moment, representing the University as an athlete and a Dragon alumnus.

Ms. Rosc, now the Sports Development Desk Head of the CSA, has been playing basketball for 14 years. In our recent interview with her, she said that she started playing when she was in Grade 7, and has carried her love and passion for the sport throughout her high school years as well as her stay in UA&P. She has also previously participated in the WPBL back in 2008.

When asked about her thoughts on being part of the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, Ms. Rosc said, “It’s very surreal. Until now, I’m still overwhelmed about it happening, because I never really thought that there would be an opportunity like this for women’s basketball, at the same level, playing with the same standards as the men’s.” She believes that this has become another platform for female athletes like herself to step into a bigger picture, a bigger role, which are of the same level as male athletes.

She also believes in perseverance as a key trait in order to achieve success as an athlete. “I remember when I started out playing basketball then, like any other player, I started out from scratch. Then you start doing what you’re doing day in and day out. So you do that continuously, and you keep striving for being better than you are the day before.” She also mentioned that a healthy mix of discipline, hard work, and humility, along with respect and “being coachable as a player” are what should always be present in an athlete when playing sports. As for her goals in this competition, “I think, being in the team of 4, in a 3-on-3, our goal would be at least to get our first win. But then again, competition is tough, and since this is a competition, we’ll try to take it game by game. Day in and day out.”

She gave aspiring female athletes some tips and words of inspiration towards the end of the interview. “You should never lose sight of your goals but also to keep in mind that even if we’ve got dreams of our own, it should also be balanced with what reality gives us. We should never lose faith in ourselves or in each other, especially because there is such limited opportunities for women in sports. We must also at least help each other push ourselves to get to where we want to be, and hopefully, in the process, inspire others and help them achieve their own dreams.” These words of Ms. Rosc would surely reach the hearts of aspiring athletes and ignite the flames of future trailblazers who dream of venturing into the world of sports.

Lastly, not forgetting those who have helped her through this journey and in getting into this competition, Ms. Rosc had this to say, “I am incredibly grateful to the Alumni for their continued support, especially also to my players- the women’s basketball team and the coaching staff, CSA, students and UA&P staff. Lastly, to my family and friends, and above all, God- for the strength and inspiration to be able to keep doing what I love as both passion and work.” With this, we hope to see more of Ms. Rosc as she competes in the PBA TAG Heuer Women’s 3×3 Commissioner’s Cup and the entire university wishes her the best of luck.