UA&P alumna heads voter education campaign

By UA&P Alumni

With the May 2016 elections in the air, Filipinos are not only interested in choosing their candidates but also in knowing the ins and outs of the election process. Last November, Atty. Karen Jimeno-McBride (ABHPCMGT, Batch 2001) spearheads voters’ education campaign jointly organized by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and Smartmatic.

Known for her teaching prowess, the law professor and practitioner said: “we are here to enlighten voters on how the automated elections work, and to increase transparency for the voting process.” She further explained that Smartmatic is assisting COMELEC in coming up with a website which will be loaded “with voters education information — news, step-by-step instructions on how to use the vote counting machines, social media feeds, a database of all candidates, and even an online application for media accreditation.” Given all these means, she pointed out that the goal is to effectively equip voters and stakeholders, so they can meaningfully participate in the upcoming elections.

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