UA&P alumni represent in Unitas Athletes’ Assembly

By UA&P Alumni

Three UA&P alumni Dragons formed part of the panel during the third session of the Unitas Athletes’ Assembly (UAA) last May 14 (Saturday) at Telengtan Hall. Angel Yulo (Co-captain of Women’s Futsal Team 2010-2012), Mike Reyes (Co-captain of Men’s Futsal Team 2009-2010), and Jolo Valdez (Team Captain of Men’s Basketball Team 2011) shared their stories to their fellow Dragon athletes.

When asked what he likes most: futsal or football, Mike Reyes preferred the former. He candidly said that playing futsal is more enjoyable. He nailed the point that more than competition, it is the passion for the sport that should prevail. On the query how to cope up with injuries, Angel Yulo recounted her experience when she nearly broke her head and didn’t get to play in the Futsal Finals. “To accept the situation and to move forward” was her simple piece of advice. She even added that her injury didn’t stop her from finding pleasure in the sport. These are just a few scoops from the variety of questions that our alumni athletes enthusiastically answered.

Alongside the alumni panelist are guest speakers Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworksi and Christine Jacob-Sandejas. Filled with motivation, the UA&P athletes were fired up to live by their responsibility as Dragons.

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