UA&P conquers MNCAA and WNCAA competitions

By UA&P Alumni

UA&P Dragons made us proud as they were named champions and runner-ups during the MNCAA and WNCAA competitions. Below is The Bosun’s (the University official publication) account on the 2-peat victory of UA&P Men’s Futsal Team.

UA&P: Back-to-back Champions in MNCAA Futsal
following their 1-0 victory over PWU

by Miguel Alonzo

Earlier this afternoon, the UA&P Men’s Futsal Team was put to task as they gave it their all in their finals match with the Philippine Women’s University (PWU). In the previous season, the defending champions, UA&P, had beaten PWU in the Semifinals, however, this year was a different story, as PWU, hungrier than ever had a shot at winning the championship. On the other hand, the UA&P Futsal squad had to contend with the challenge of not just defending their title as MNCAA Futsal Champions, but also with the pressure of winning the championship in their own homecourt amidst their family, fans, and fellow dragons who expected nothing less than a UA&P victory.

With both teams having something to prove, the match turned out to be a very emotional and heated one with the two squads utilizing almost similar styles in play, emphasizing defense and controlling the pace. Although both squads would set effective plays, the players struggled in terms of execution as multiple well-placed strikes coming from UA&P Team Captain Lorenzo Hermosa and Shawn Haosen would miss the goal by a mere couple of inches. UA&P’s goalkeeper, Dood Santos, however, played a crucial role for the defending champions as he fended off the strikes coming from PWU’s players with his multiple dives and saves. Due to the well-concerted effort of both goalkeepers and defenders, from both squads, the first half ended with a score of 0-0.

In the second half, clearly, emotions were on fire as both teams did not want to face the dreaded penalty shootout. Fatigue and exhaustion also became a factor in the second half as UA&P’s team roster of 15 were better-rested as compared to the 10-man rotation of PWU. Yellow cards were handed to players from both teams including UA&P’s Shawn Haosen and Luis Miranda, as well as PWU’s Raven Sacendoncillo and Aldrin Lufamia as both teams made this one a very physical contest. With the championship at stake, emotions were an all-time high as there was even a slight scuffle that involved PWU’s Ronald Adalin and UA&P’s Jose Malig. As the match progressed, it seemed that the championship would have to be decided by penalties. However, the second-half strike of Paolo Garciano in the 27′ minute ended the scoring drought and gave UA&P the edge with a 1-0 order generic cialis lead over their opponents. With the match still very much in the balance, UA&P Coach Chris Dominguez decided to emphasize defense in preserving their lead. This proved to be an effective strategy, as UA&P were once again proclaimed MNCAA Futsal Champions with the final score of 1-0.

Following their victory, the medals and trophies were then awarded. With their victory over Centro Escolar University, Enderun College was awarded, third place, while the first runner-ups, PWU were awarded the second-place trophy. Prior to awarding the champions, was the Mythical Five selection which featured the season’s best five players, including three players from UA&P: team captain Lorenzo Hermosa, first-option goalkeeper, Dood Santos, and Paolo Garciano, who scored the championship-winning goal for UA&P. After being crowned back-to-back champions, the UA&P squad displayed sportsmanship and humility in congratulating PWU on a well-fought match, as well as in thanking the Lord for a well-earned victory. Truly, the UNITAS spirit was on full display as the UA&P Dragons are once again MNCAA Futsal Champions, following a very competitive finals match and a memorable season as a whole.

UA&P Firestarters - 46th WNCAA Cheerleading Competition

Last February 20 at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, the UA&P Firestarters garnered a silver finish. Under the guidance of Coach Ajjie Mendelebar, they closed the 46th WNCAA Cheerleading Competition with a bang and made the University proud with their #iCheerUnitas.

UA&P Squadra - 2nd MNCAA Streetdance Competition

Moreover, UA&P Squadra also bagged silver during the 2nd MNCAA Streetdance Competition last February 21 also at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum. The male members of the dance varsity are composed of Migo Morales (Captain), Rome Ramos, Janboy Villasenor, Joeve Mahinay, Felix Mabilog, Arlo Guiwo, Duane Gomez, Rafa Morales, Renzo Bautista, and Jomari Villanueva.

Continue to support UA&P Squadra as they compete in the National Dance Championship happening on March 19 (Saturday), 11:00 AM at the Mall of Asia Arena.

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