UA&P welcomes more than 500 freshmen during Freshstart 2015

By UA&P Alumni

Last June 8, the University of Asia and the Pacific welcomed around 570 freshmen students during Freshstart, a four-day tradition held by the various sectors of the University.

During the first day, the students were divided into their respective blocks in accordance to their courses. The first day was filled with different events, from talks, icebreakers, get to know activities and university tours, which culminated with an opening program, formally introducing the freshmen to their Peer Facilitators.

UA&P Freshstart 2015 Day 2

Aside from the tests and talks on mentoring and academic organizations, the second day was more spirited, with special thanks to the UA&P Firestarters and the UA&P Drumline who taught the new Dragons the UA&P Cheer. The Amazing Race also taught the students camaraderie and teamwork, which will come in handy during their four to five years of college.

UA&P Freshstart 2015 Day 3

By day three, the students were directed to the Parking and Sports Building, where the different school organizations tried to attract freshmen to sign up by setting up booths akin to their orgs. Aside from the Opus Dei talk, the IT Lab visit and the meeting with Dr. Torralba, they were also taught how to sing the UA&P Hymn by no other than the UA&P Chorale.

UA&P Freshstart 2015 Day 4

On the last day, block pictorials were held, as well as the block election for class officers. The whole day was spent inside their classrooms in preparation for their block presentations, which they performed during the culminating activity held at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium. After a fashion show displaying the University dresscode and a surprising performance by the Peers, Block MEM was announced champions of the block presentations.

Overall, it was a fun-filled week for the incoming class of 2015. Not only did the freshmen bonded with their blocks, but they were immersed with UA&P culture in one fell swoop, with special thanks to the Peer Facilitators who made the four days of Freshstart seamless. On behalf of the whole university, welcome to UA&P, Freshmen!