Valediction Speech of Dr. Jose Maria Mariano

By UA&P Alumni

As the University of Asia and the Pacific welcomed newly-installed University President Dr. Winston Padojinog last June 15, the university also parted with its third University President, Dr. Jose Arsenio G. Mariano. The longest-serving president to date, Dr. Mariano spent fifteen years in office, where his tenure allowed him to solidify relationships with numerous ambassadors, institutions, and universities.

Below is the text of Dr. Mariano’s Valediction, where he thanked those who have assisted him in his fifteen years as president, and those who kept close to their hearts the liberal arts, and fully integrated the university mantra of unitas.

Despite all the challenges, successes and failures in the last fifteen years, he concluded by invoking Virgil from The Aeneid, quoted in Latin, “Then, one day, we shall all recall these things with delight!”

On behalf of the UA&P community, we thank you for your fifteen years of service, Dr. Mariano!