What’s most rewarding about being a businessman?

By UA&P Alumni

While some kids imagined themselves as a superhero and others dreamt to become the country’s future president, Jaeger Tanco already knew there’s a thing called business.

Jaeger was exposed to the business world at an early age. His father, Eusebio Tanco, is a renowned businessman adept at many different fields – education, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, property development. STI Colleges and Education Centers, Philippines First Insurance Co., Bank of Commerce and Global Resource for Outsourced Workers Inc , are just a few of the many companies handled by Jaeger’s father.

Having been born into a family that owns big businesses, however, wasn’t a reason for Jaeger to skip the learning process. “I had to start working at an early age,” recalls Jaeger. As his training, Jaeger spent his summers taking on jobs instead of having some awesome vacation. Though they weren’t the coolest memories for any young man, those summers he spent working were actually Jaeger’s first steps in mastering the fundamentals of running a business.


“It’s about knowing your path at a very early age and then learning more about it,” says Jaeger. Being groomed for the business world, Jaeger took up Entrepreneurial Management (EM) at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). “EM is a practical course. It requires you to create your own business,” says Jaeger of his chosen course, adding that as an EM student, he was able to establish his own events management team.

Jaeger’s business schooling continued outside the four corners of the classroom. Aside from his business as an EM student, Jaeger was busy helping out in their family’s businesses. He got involved practically with every function in a company. From marketing to the simple task of filing, Jaeger learned his trade bit by bit.

But to this young entrepreneur, becoming a businessman entails more than just learning the business strategies. “UA&P teaches you more than just how to be an entrepreneur. It instills in you faith in God… the values… the ethics that you need in business,” shares Jaeger.

Determined to advance in his chosen field, Jaeger thereafter took up Masters in Business Administration at the Ateneo de Manila University.


With the training and values formation he went through, it is not surprising at all that Jaeger has been able to carry out efficiently his responsibilities in their family’s businesses since after college. Today, he juggles his time managing different companies. As the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Jaeger infuses fresh ideas to PhilhealthCare, Inc. (PhilCare), one of the country’s premier healthcare services providers. He is also the treasurer and director of PhilPlans, a pre-need firm offering pension, education and life programs, and he is a member of the board of directors of Systems Technology Institute (STI), an education provider that offers programs focused on information and communications technologies.

Aside from contributing to the continued success of established companies, Jaeger ventured into an enterprise of his own. “Jaeger is a very good listener. He is open to new ideas and is very positive,” describes Dr. Eligio Ma. P. Santos, EM’s Program Director and Jaeger’s mentor. His openness to different ideas, coupled with a positive outlook, led Jaeger to successfully establish in 2005 his very own integrated marketing communications company, Comm&Sense, Inc. As the president and CEO, Jaeger is on top of a team of young professionals that provides the public relations, events management and marketing needs of different firms.


With several businesses doing great, people can only speculate that Jaeger’s treasure chest is indeed filled. Surely, his labor had earned him rewards in different forms – material wealth, prestige, fame, but from the long list of recompense, Jaeger shares that the most rewarding of all is the realization that his business makes a lot of sense because it is able to help other people. “When you have a business, you employ people. You may not see directly how you help these people, but every staff you have has a family. So if you have like 200 people working for the company, you get to help about 200 families,” he shares.

“My mother always taught me that if you’re blessed to be successful, you should always give. UA&P reaffirmed my mother’s teaching,” recalls Jaeger. And as if providing employment to people wasn’t enough, Jaeger feels the need for him to widen his horizon to be able to give more. “For the past 10 years I’ve been working, I’ve learned a lot and I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve gained, but there’s so much more to learn. So I opened my door to other things,” he says.


One of the many things Jaeger opened his door to was an organization called Junior Chamber International (JCI), formerly known as the Philippine Jaycees. “It started because of friendship. I was invited by a friend and I gave it a try and joined,” reveals Jaeger. JCI is an international organization that provides development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. Throughout the Philippines, JCI has more than 4,000 members who are young adults between 18 to 40 years old, from 160 local organizations or chapters.

Since he joined JCI-Ortigas, Jaeger has been an active member who supports the events and projects of the group. “That’s what’s good about it. Because friendship is involved, you know that they will support you with your projects, with your ideas,” he says.

One of the meaningful projects of JCI-Ortigas is EDUKIDDO, a fun-filled educational charity event it organized together with Casa Ibiza Resort. The project aimed not only to feed and give gifts to more than 200 street children but also to educate them in a fun-filled way. The children were taught about simple cooking, the proper way of taking a bath and the concept of college education.

Jaeger was recently inducted as the president of JCI-Ortigas for 2012. During his term, Jaeger plans to continue giving back by carrying out projects that focus on education.

While some kids imagine themselves as a superhero and others dream to become the country’s future president, some may learn a thing or two from Jaeger Tanco’s path. “It (business) is a way of life. Everybody is in some way entrepreneurial. You see people in the office selling… that’s entrepreneurship. You just have to enhance it,” says Jaeger about something he knew right from the very beginning.